Brad’s Search : Part 6

My team at work ran across an unexpected issue that hit some of our customers last night, so I didn’t even get home until well past midnight. I woke up to very bright sunlight and the sound of my phone buzzing. I check my phone; I had just gotten a text from Kelly: I have the perfect place for dinner tonight. Meet me at First and Union. I let out the biggest yawn ever, then text back: Sounds exciting! I’ll see you there.

I glance out the window; Seattle has gladly decided to call off the rain and give us a beautiful, sunny day - too beautiful to pass up a good morning jog - and I may as well since I’m awake. I pull on my running gear and head out the door. It’s still a bit chilly, but the warm sun feels great.

I live just south of Lake Union, so Volunteer Park is very close by. That’s my favorite place to jog. I turn onto Prospect and then head into the park to run a few laps. As I’m finishing my last lap, a flying Frisbee, and the man running to catch it, grab my attention. The man leaps into the air, catches the Frisbee, but lands pretty hard on the grass.

I run over to help him. I reach my hand out, and he takes it to hoist himself back onto his feet.

“Nice catch.”


He flashes the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen.

“Are you all right?”

“Oh yeah, I’ll be fine,” he says as he brushes the blades of grass off his pants. “I don’t think I’m bleeding or anything; I had a soft landing.”

One of his friends calls out in the distance. “Hey James, stop flirting; let’s get back to the game!”

“Well I’m glad you’re OK; take it easy.”

“You too!”

I jog out of the park and head back home. I take a quick shower and hop on the computer to check my email. Looks like Mom got my email with the travel details. She sent me an email telling me how excited she was about her upcoming trip; I’m just as excited, but I guess I have a subtle way of showing it.

I decide to give Gary a call and update him.

“Hey Brad; what’s up?”

“Hey Gary. I wanted to let you know that my mom is coming in town for a visit next weekend.”

“Sharon’s coming in? That’s fantastic! Harry and I had a great time with her when we stopped in Denver on our way to St Louis. She said she missed you back then.”

“She still feels the same way. She can’t wait to get here.”

“When is she getting in?”

“Her flight lands Friday afternoon. I’m picking her up, then we’re heading to the lodge near Mount Rainier for the weekend.”

“You’re kidding.”

“Come again?”

“Gina and I are going there this weekend, too! It’ll be like a big Palovich family reunion! It’s been what, two years since you last saw your mom?”

“I guess it has been that long.”

“How is she doing, Brad?”

“She’s doing much better after I went down to help her move. I mean, for her to live three years in the same house where Dad died - I couldn’t imagine doing that.”

“Neither could I. She did seem to be doing better when I visited her last. That’s great to hear she’ll be coming in to town. We’ll need to plan to all have lunch or dinner together.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

“Oh, Brad, by the way - your date with Kelly is tonight, right?”

“Yes, it is. I’m nervous as hell.”

“Damn. It’ll be hard for you to get an erection - no pun intended.”

“Gary, I don’t think the fact that I’m nervous is the only reason it’ll be difficult for me to get an erection.”

“True, true. Where are you going?”

“She wants me to meet her at First and Union. We’re supposed to get together around 7.”

“I’m sure you have a lot of preparing to do - get your mani-pedi, hair cut, brows waxed, and so on and so forth.”

“Very funny, Gary. You and Harry doing anything tonight?”

“We’ll probably head out to Cooters or something. But your night will be much more exciting. You’ll do just fine, Brad. I’ll let you go now, but make sure to call me or Harry tomorrow and let us know all about it.”

“You know I will. Take care, Gary.”

“You, too.”

After I hang up, I chuckle a bit at what Gary said. “Mani-Pedi, hair cut, brows waxed?” What kind of a person does he think I am?

* * * * *

“Thanks Vicki! See you in about a week or so!” I look down at my hand. Wow! These nails sure do sparkle in the sun. I run over to the salon to get my haircut and brows waxed. I’m not delusional. Gary knows exactly what kind of person I am. And so do I. And I’m OK with that.

The time creeps closer and closer to 7, so I race back home to change into what I’m going to wear for my date. I decide to keep it a bit dressy, but a bit casual. I head out the door and hail a cab to head to First and Union.

I get there just in the nick of time. I don’t see any sign of Kelly, so I wait outside for a few minutes. The song playing in the background is pretty catchy, so I don’t mind waiting. I discover it’s Love Tonight by The Disco Boys - and the words are so appropriate for this situation.

I see a car pull up, and notice Kelly in the passenger seat. She gives the driver a hug, opens the door, and steps out of the car.

Now let me just take a moment to say that I’ve been gay my entire life. I’ve always enjoyed the sight, touch, smell, and taste of a man. But I am also able to notice and appreciate the beauty of a woman. And this woman is pretty damned beautiful. But - that’s about as far as my appreciation goes. And now I’m just beginning to feel so evil and nasty for leading her on. What the hell am I getting myself into?

Kelly walks up to me, takes one step back, and eyes me from head to toe and back up again. “Now that is the man I’ve been waiting to lay my eyes on.”

All I could think of is, I hope that’s the only body part you plan to lay on me.