Brad’s Search : Part 34

I wake up to the delicious scent of eggs. I hoist myself up and look to my left; James must be doing the cooking. I go to the bathroom, then pull on a pair of running shorts and head downstairs.

“Mornin’, cutie!” James stands at the stove, completely naked, and flips an egg. “I’m almost finished cooking and was about to bring you breakfast in bed.”

I chuckle. “Screw breakfast; how about I fuck you right here on this counter?”

James laughs. “I wouldn’t want these eggs to get overcooked.” He moves the eggs from the pan onto two plates and starts frying some strips of bacon.

“Damn, and I was hoping for some sausage to go with my eggs and bacon.”

I turn around and glance outside; the sun’s bright rays reflect off of Lake Union. It’s certainly a pretty day to head to the market. I turn back around and watch James as he fries the bacon. “So, you don’t think it’s dangerous to be cooking with your dick fully exposed like that?”

“Nah, not when I’m cooking eggs and bacon.” He walks to the pantry and pulls out an apron. “Now when I’m working with the really greasy stuff, I throw this on.” He then puts on the apron and ties the strings behind his back. He turns around and gives me a show. The apron leaves his ass exposed, but it protects all the other parts that would otherwise be in the line of fire.

He turns off the fire and moves the bacon to the plates with the eggs. He takes both plates, places one in front of me, and one beside me. “I hope you like your eggs over easy.”

“That’s my favorite way to eat eggs. How’d you know?”

“Lucky guess.”

He takes off the apron, hangs it back up in the pantry, and joins me at the island counter.

I glance down at his cock. “Maybe I can have sausage with my eggs and bacon.”

He pinches my cheek. “Only if you’re a good boy and eat all your breakfast.”

Needless to say, I ate all my breakfast.

* * * * *

We hop out of the shower, get dressed, and head outside to his car. We get in and start heading south toward Pike Place Market.

When we get going down Aurora, James rests his hand on my knee. “So, when will you be done with your humongous, gigantic project at work?”

“Based on how things are going, most likely mid-to-late April.”

“You don’t even have an exact date yet?”

“Nope. We won’t know for sure until near the end. We aim to finish ahead of schedule just in case something happens with implementation - and usually something always happens. With so many different parts needing to work together, it’s almost impossible not to overlook something.”

“I see. I just wanted to get a rough idea, you know, to let Dad and the rest of the firm know when I’ll be out. Getting the time off won’t be a problem, but as a courtesy, I want to let them know as soon as I can.”

“I’ll try to get some dates down soon. As soon as I have a better idea, I’ll let you know.”

We drive through the tunnel and take the exit. I pat James’s upper thigh. “Can we park close to the Starbucks so I can run in and grab a cup of coffee?”

James looks at me and snorts. “You are such an addict.”

I look down. “I know.”

He squeezes my knee. “That’s OK; I am, too.”

We park along the street and head to Starbucks. I pay for and get our drinks, and then we walk out and into the main market area. We walk past all the florists. “Is this where you got my flowers the day you got back from New York?”

“Sure is. We like to have fresh flowers at the firm and we always buy them from this one particular florist. She gives us a nice discount since we’re such frequent customers. But we’re not here for flowers today.”

We reach the farmers’ area of the market and take a look at all of their wares. They have every kind of food one can imagine.

James approaches a seller who has a variety of jarred foods at his table. “Excuse me, sir; do you have any sun-dried tomatoes?”

The seller rifles through his collection and lifts up a jar. “Of course. These were harvested in season, dried, and preserved with olive oil. Lasts a whole year, and tastes especially delicious.”

James glances at me. “Whatcha think?”

I shrug. “You’re the chef.”

James turns to the seller and nods. “We’ll take them.”


They complete the transaction. We walk around to a few other sellers and James stocks up on more pasta, olives, mushrooms, and some other ingredients. We make our way back to the car.

“Have you told your mom that you moved in with me?”

I gasp. “Shit! No, I haven’t. She doesn’t even know we’re together.”

“Well, you better give her a call on the way back.”

I grab my phone out of my pocket and dial Mom. As it’s ringing, we reach the car and get in. James starts the car and we’re on our way. Mom picks up.

“Hello, baby boy!”

“Hey Mom. How’s it going down there in Denver?”

“Oh, same old, same old. How about yourself? Much more exciting than down here, I hope.”

“It’s all right. I do have some good news to tell you, though. Remember when I told you about James?”

“Oh, yes, I remember him.”

“Well, we’re together now. I just moved in with him this weekend.”

“Brad, that’s so exciting! Any chance I’ll get to meet this one?”

“Very funny, Mom. Actually we are thinking of taking a trip to Denver together after my big project at work is finished.”

“That sounds wonderful! It would be so nice to see you and to meet James.”

“He’s sitting right next to me; do you want to say ‘Hi’ to him?”

“Sure, put him on.”

I hand the phone to James.

“Hi Sharon.” He chuckles. “Well, thank you!” After a few seconds, he laughs. “No, we haven’t had a chance yet, but maybe we will soon.” After a few more seconds, he says, “It was great talking to you, too. Here’s Brad.” He hands the phone back to me.

“Mother, what did you say to him?”

I hear a sinister laugh. “Oh, nothing dear. You boys take it easy and let me know when you’re thinking of coming in.”

“I will, Mom. I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

I hang up. I look at James. “What did she tell you?”

James laughs. “Well, first she complimented me on my deep, manly voice. Then she asked if she would be getting any grandkids soon, if you know what I mean.”

I groan and shake my head.

* * * * *

We get home after a day full of shopping. I watch as the sun sinks closer and closer to the horizon. James heads into the kitchen and starts cooking. When dinner’s all ready to eat, we head to the table.

I take a bite. “Wow! This is really good with the tomatoes!”

James nods in agreement. “I’m glad I tried adding them in. I’ll have to do that from now on.”

After we take a few more bites, James continues, “So, I was thinking of cooking salmon tomorrow for dinner.”

“That sounds good. It was so delicious last time you made it for me. I’d love to try it again.”

“Great. I was also thinking of inviting a guest.”

“Who would that be?”

“My father.”

I sit up, surprised. “He wants to meet me?”

“Of course he does. I’ve mentioned you at the office and he’s excited that I’m together with someone. He said he wants to meet you soon, so I figured the three of us could get together tomorrow night. As long as you’re OK with it, that is.”

“Yes, I’m OK with it - I guess I just wasn’t expecting to meet him so soon.”

“Don’t worry; he’ll love you.”

We finish up dinner and I take the plates to the sink and start washing them. James heads upstairs, lights a few candles, and begins getting undressed. I join him upstairs as soon as the dishes are clean. He’s only gotten as far as taking off his shirt.

I walk up to him and run my hands up and down his torso. I lean in and kiss him. He runs his hands underneath my shirt and lifts it over my head and tosses it to the floor.

He caresses my face. “My, my - you’re being quite sensual tonight.”

“I can’t help it when I have the sexiest boyfriend on the planet.”

“Well then, let’s get you out of these pants.”

He undoes my belt, unzips my pants, and pushes them gently to the floor. We kiss once more, and then he runs his tongue up to my ears and nibbles on them a bit. He kisses his way down my neck to my nipples, and lashes them with his tongue. He wraps his hands around my backside and massages my ass. He keeps kissing down to my navel, then runs his tongue all the way up my torso, chest, and neck, until he reaches my lips and we throw ourselves into a very passionate, fluid-exchanging kiss.

He runs his tongue down to my navel again and kneels on the floor in front of me. He begins lashing my cock through my underwear with his tongue. He grabs my ass and pulls me towards him. He moves his head underneath my balls and licks them through my underwear as well. He reaches his hand inside the fly of my briefs, pulls my cock out, and engulfs it in his mouth.

I reach my hand around the back of his head and guide his movements. I see him reach down to his own belt, undo it, and pull his cock out of his pants. He continues blowing me for a minute or two, then pushes me gently onto the bed. He hooks his fingers under the waistband of my briefs and pulls them to the floor. He stands up, pushes his own jeans and underwear to the floor, then climbs on top of me.

He kisses me and looks into my eyes. “Are you enjoying having me as a boyfriend so far?”

“Absolutely. It’s such a breath of fresh air being together with you.”


We kiss for a few more seconds, and then I guide him into a lying-down position. I kiss his neck and nipples, then move further down his body and take his stiff erection into my mouth. I reach my hand behind his leg and lightly finger him and play with his balls. He grabs my lower body, guiding me into a 69 position, and takes my cock inside his mouth. The sensation of sucking someone off while being sucked off at the same time is like no other.

I hear his nasal moans of pleasure and know his orgasm is not far off. Just knowing that gets me closer. I grip his cock in my hand and stroke it along with the movements of my mouth. His legs tense up as he thrusts into me and begins spurting ropes of cum in my mouth. A great dessert to a great dinner.

As his orgasm subsides, mine gets closer and closer until he pushes me over the edge. I moan in ecstasy as my own orgasm begins. He takes and swallows all of my cum, leaving no mess behind. We lie in post-orgasmic bliss for a few minutes, and then I turn around and lie next to him. Our lips meet and we kiss.

We pull away, and James looks into my eyes. “I’m so happy you’re in my life, Brad.”

“Me, too, James. I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

James gets up to blow out the candles, then joins me again in the bed. We kiss once more, then crawl under the sheets. It’s a pretty cold night. He wraps me in his arms and holds me tight, keeping me warm.

I don’t think I could be any happier.