Brad’s Search : Part 31

I open my eyes to the sight of the sun shining brightly on the wall. I roll over to my left and see James looking at me with a subtle smile on his face. His smile fully forms, and he faintly whispers, “Hey.”

“Hey. How long have you been awake?”

He rests his hand on my chest and idly plays with my nipples. “Just a few minutes. Sleep well?”

“Yeah, but I think I’d sleep better at your place. Your bed’s a lot more comfortable.”

“Well, move in with me and you can enjoy that every night if you’d like.”

I look away and sigh. He quickly rubs my chest to get my attention. “I’m not putting any pressure on you. I just want you to be aware of all the advantages so you can make an informed decision.”

I roll my eyes. “Oh, don’t give me that; you just like my good looks and blowjobs.”

“Yeah, so does Derek, apparently. Which, by the way, I’ll have you know I’m a very romantic guy, and if we do get together, I’m going to want my Brad all to myself. And don’t think you can blame it on the strong drinks either, mister.”

“All right, I think I can do that.”

“Think isn’t good enough.”

I sigh again. “OK, I know I can do that. And I will do that. May as well start practicing now.”

“Only as long as it’s something you want to do.”

I think for a few seconds. “Yeah, I’m sure. I can’t help it. I’ve been falling in love with you ever since that night at the bar. I really want to be with you, but I want to make sure I can commit to a relationship.”

He begins caressing my cheek. “Don’t worry, Brad. There’s no rush. Take your time and be absolutely sure.”

I smile. “OK. I will.”

He smiles back. “Good.” He returns his hand to my chest and plays with my chest hair. “So, I have a question for you.”

“What is it?”

“All my Frisbee buddies usually go to the park to play on the weekend. Well, this weekend, they knew I was coming in town yesterday, so we planned for today. I was wondering if you’d like to join me and get to know the group.”

I hesitate for a few seconds. “Is Derek in the group?”

He chuckles. “No, he’s not.”

“Good, because that would just be kind of awkward. Anyway, yeah, that sounds like fun! Plus, I could use some time outdoors.”

“Great! I pretty much came straight here from the airport, so I still have my suitcase in the car. I’ll just run out and grab some clothes.”

He whips the sheet off of his body and gets out of bed. He bends down to pick up his briefs and pants, giving me a great view of his ass and balls from behind. Oh boy; I better be ready to commit to that ass, and quickly! I’d hate to lose it.

He pulls on his briefs and pants, then heads for the door. I get out of bed and follow him.

“You do know how cold it is outside, right?”

“Yeah, but I’ll only be out for a few seconds. How bad could it be?”

He opens the door, shirtless and barefoot, and runs to his car as I watch from the doorway. Clouds of fog emanate from his mouth and nostrils. He opens his trunk and rummages quickly through his suitcase, pulling out a jacket and pants, among other things.

He turns to me. “Got an extra toothbrush I can borrow?”

“Yeah! Get your ass back here before you freeze to death!”

He runs back inside, clothes in hand, and shuts the door. I rub my hands vigorously on his chest and torso to warm him up. “Damn, your nipples are hard!”

“So hard they could cut glass!”

We both laugh. I grab his clothes and toss them to the couch. I turn and lower my head level to his chest and lash each of his nipples with my tongue.

He leans his head back and moans in pleasure. “Damn! Your tongue is like fire!” He revels in the stimulation for a few seconds, then gently pushes me back. “I hate to stop you, because that feels so amazing, but we need to shower and be on our way.”

We head to the bathroom and I turn on the water. We step in and take a pretty quick shower. We get out and dry off, and then I rummage under the sink and find a spare, unopened toothbrush. We finish getting ready, head to the bedroom, and get dressed.

“Brad, do you have anything to make a quick breakfast?”

I think for a second. “Eggs, toast, bagels-”

“A bagel sounds good. Can you make one for me before we head out?”


I toast two bagels, one for each of us. We eat them quickly, then head outside, get in his car, and head for Volunteer Park.

He squeezes my knee. “And to think, we’re going to the place we first met just over a month ago.”

“Has it really been just a month? I’ve been through so much, it feels like it’s been much longer.”

“I know what you mean.”

On the way, I text Gary: I told him. Everything’s fine.

He texts back: Phew! That’s a relief. I’m happy for you!

We get to the park pretty quickly. Not much traffic on Sunday. We get out and see a group already tossing a Frisbee around.

It’s a really beautiful day. A cool wind blows from the north, but the sun shines down on us, otherwise keeping us comfortably warm. I notice a few people walking and running laps around the park. I wish for the rest of the year to be like today, though I know in my head that will never happen.

James points to the group in the distance. “That’s them.” We begin heading towards the group. As we get closer, they stop tossing the Frisbee and turn to face us.

James greets the guys. “Hey guys; sorry I’m late. I want you to meet my friend, Brad.” James then introduces me to the group. “This is Hadim, Charles, and Freddie.”

I go up and shake hands with each of the guys. “Hey everyone. I hope I can remember everyone’s name.”

Charles turns to James. “James, you got any nametags?”

James chuckles. “No, but Brad’s pretty smart; I’m sure he’ll have your names down in no time. Where are Patrick and Damon, by the way?”

Hadim answers James’s question. “They couldn’t make it out today. They’re in Portland visiting Patrick’s parents. All the planning for the wedding is almost finished.”

I turn to James. “They’re getting married?”

“Yeah. Patrick and Damon have been together for almost 8 years. They came to Dad’s law firm a few months ago to start getting things arranged, and that’s when I met them.”

Charles then asks, “When is their wedding again?”

James looks upward and counts to three with his fingers. “Three weeks from now, on the third of February. You did get an invitation, right?”

Charles answers, “Yeah. Hadim and I will be there. I knew it was coming up soon; just didn’t remember the exact day. What about you?”

James nods. “Yeah, I’ll be there, too, though I’ll have to update my RSVP to include a guest.” He looks at me and winks.

Freddie speaks up, “So you guys are boyfriends?”

James answers, “Not yet, but hopefully that changes soon.”

Freddie remarks, “Great; I’ll be the only single guy again.”

Hadim lightly jabs Freddie with his elbow. “Don’t worry, Freddie; we’ll find you a nice girl.”

James turns to me. “Hey Brad, don’t you have a friend who’s newly single again?”

“Yeah, you’re thinking of Harry.”

“Well maybe Freddie and Harry should meet and start a straight singles support group.”

Freddie crosses his arms. “How about we toss around some Frisbee instead?”

All of us voice our agreement. We each spread apart about fifteen to twenty feet from one another and toss the Frisbee around. It’s been a long time since I’ve done this, so I sometimes have to run to catch it, and sometimes I throw it too far or not far enough. I apologize every time I mess up, but the guys don’t seem to mind.

After about twenty minutes of tossing the Frisbee around, we stop and gather closely. Hadim, Charles, and Freddie have to head home.

James remarks, “I should be getting home soon, too. I still have to unpack and get ready for work tomorrow.”

Freddie turns to me. “It was good meeting you, Brad.”

“I’m glad to have met you guys, too. You seem like a fun group.”

Charles remarks, “We are. We’re glad you and James are getting to know each other. It’s been some time since he’s been in a happy relationship.”

James quips, “Yeah, well, Freddie, you’re next.”

We all chuckle. Hadim then waves to the group. “Well, we should get going. Hope to see you around again, Brad.”

I say back to him, “I think you will.”

We exchange our goodbyes, then James and I turn around and head to his car.

“Your friends are pretty nice. How did you all meet?”

“Well, the three you just met today, plus Patrick and Damon, all knew each other before they met me. Patrick and Damon came to my dad’s law firm to explore their marriage options and figure out health care directives, living wills, that sort of thing, right around when the governor signed the marriage bill into law, but before it was put on a referendum. I was the one who helped them out with pretty much everything, and they were really happy with all the work I did for them. They invited my dad and me out to dinner and we just became really good friends.”

“And you were serious about wanting me to go with you to the wedding?”

“Of course! Only if you’d like to, that is.”

I take James’s hand in mine. “Yeah, I think I’d like that.”

“Good; I’m glad you’re coming with me. Anyway, the whole group has been getting together in Volunteer Park to play Frisbee, and I started joining them on the occasional weekend. Had it not been for them, you and I may have never run into each other.”

I look at him. “You say the most profound things, James Briscoe.”

He looks at me and smiles. “I can’t help it.”

We reach his car, get inside, and start to head back to my place. James places his hand on my upper thigh, and I place my hand on his.

We arrive at my place, and James turns to me. “Brad, think about what I said earlier, about you maybe moving in with me. I’d love to have you come live with me.”

“I promise I’ll give it some thought this week.”


He leans toward me and we kiss.

I start to get out, then hesitate. “You want me to grab your clothes from last night and bring them out to you?”

“Nah, don’t worry about it. I have more than enough to last me. I’ll come by another day and grab them.”

“OK. I’ll see you later.”

“Take care, Brad.”

I step out and head inside. As I watch him pull out and drive away, I imagine being in his car and heading to what could become my future home. The idea excites me, but my logical, rational mind reminds me I’ve barely known him a month, and that things seem to be moving really quickly. I certainly have a lot of thinking to do.