Brad’s Search : Part 25

While James drives me home, I text Eric: Wanna grab a quick breakfast before work?

Eric texts back: Sure! I’ll meet you in front of the office building. We’ll go from there.

James turns onto my street. “Almost there.”

“I had such a wonderful time last night.”

“Me too. Thanks for coming. I enjoyed cooking for you.”

“Can you text me before your flight takes off and again when you land?”

“Of course. The time change is going to really screw with me, but I’ll try to give you a call tonight as well. I’m not looking forward to being away from you for a week.”

We pull up on the street in front of my place.

“Me either. Well, have a safe flight. I’m going to miss you.”

“I’ll miss you, too. I’ll hurry back just as fast as I can.”

He lightly squeezes my knee. I lean into him, give him a kiss, and wrap my arms around him and hug him tightly. As we pull away, we kiss one more time.

“Have a great time.”

“I will. I’ll keep in touch. Have fun at work.”

I step out and close the door. James drives off. I unlock my car, get inside, fire it up, and drive to work. On the way, I see an airplane high in the sky. It continues to amaze me how quickly we can cross entire landmasses and oceans.

I pull into my office building’s parking garage and walk to the front entrance to meet Eric. We head into the nearby Starbucks and grab a coffee and a quick bite to eat.

“So how was your night last night?”

“Oh. My. God. His place is humongous. He lives just north of Lake Union, and his place has these huge windows that overlook the lake. It’s beautiful. He cooked a teriyaki salmon dinner - absolutely delicious - and we just stayed in and I slept over.”

“Wow. Sounds like quite the romantic evening!”

“Oh, it was, Eric. It was.”

“Are you two official yet?”

“Not yet. I can tell we’re moving towards that, but I’m still not totally sure I’m ready. He’s being great, though; he’s not pressuring or anything.”

Eric chuckles. “See? I said you had nothing to worry about. Just take things nice and slow - don’t rush into things - and you should be just fine.”

“I’m trying.”

We finish eating and head back to the office, coffee in hand. As we head up the elevator, James texts: We’re boarding now - should be in the air shortly. Can’t wait to be back!

I text back: Be safe up there and enjoy the scenery!

Work goes relatively well the rest of the day. We have our individual teams working on segments of the project. We plan to get major parts done and show them to the client to gauge their opinions. That way we can implement any changes they suggest in time to be ready for their deadline.

James texts me in the middle of the day to let me know they landed in St Louis. At the end of work, he still hadn’t texted to tell me they landed in New York yet, but he should be getting there pretty soon.

I get home, take off my work clothes, and put on some running shorts. I head out to Volunteer Park to run a few laps and clear my mind. What a great way to start the weekend.

I head back home after working up quite a sweat. I check my phone. James had called just a few minutes ago and left a voicemail. I listen to it, and he tells me they arrived safely in New York. I call him right back.

“Hey Brad. Get my message?”

“Yeah. I was just out running. About to hop in the shower.”

“Mmm, now that’s an image that could get stuck in my head.”

“I bet it could. Anyway, glad to hear you’re back on the ground.”

“Yep. We had a really long layover in St Louis, which is why I couldn’t call you until just now. But yeah, I’m glad we’re on the ground, too.”

“Do you have anything planned for tonight?”

“Nothing special. Dad and I are going to head to this restaurant on 52nd Street after we check in to our hotel. One of my friends lives in Hell’s Kitchen and absolutely loves eating there.”

“‘Hell’s Kitchen?’ What kind of person lives in a kitchen?”

James chuckles. “That’s just the name of the neighborhood.”


“It’s a bit weird, I know. We’ll probably meet up and have dinner with my friend tonight, then we’re gonna get together with Dad’s client tomorrow. What about you?”

“I’ll take it easy and relax tonight, but tomorrow I’ll probably head to the gym for a bit. I’ll see if I can get together with Gary and Harry tomorrow night, too. We haven’t heard much from each other since New Year’s.”

“That sounds good. It would be great for you guys to catch up.”

“Yep. Anyway, I’ll let you be on your way.”

“All right. Call me tomorrow when it’s good for you. If I’m too busy chatting it up at the party tomorrow, I’ll be sure to call you back as soon as I can.”

“OK, I will.”

“Have a good night, Brad. Enjoy the weekend.”

“You too.”

We hang up. I walk to the bedroom, take off my sweaty, smelly running clothes, and grab a towel. I head to the bathroom and start the water running in the shower. I think about the romp I had with James this morning, and I feel my cock getting hard. I slide my hand up and down my shaft as I cup my balls with my other hand. I close my eyes and do my best to imagine the scene of us in the shower. I pump faster and faster and feel my orgasm getting closer. I push myself over the edge, and fire off a few long ropes of cum. I take a few seconds to cool down, then shut off the water and dry off.

I cook myself a quick dinner and spend the rest of the night relaxing. I head to bed, and wish very strongly that James was right next to me. I subconsciously grab a pillow and hug it close to my body. I imagine him next to me, in my arms, and drift off to sleep.