Brad’s Search : Part 24

I wake up to the sensation of James running his hands all over my chest and arms.

He leans in and kisses me. “Good morning, cutie.”

It’s still pitch black outside. I stretch my arms out and let out a massive yawn. “What time is it?”

“A little after 4:30.”

I groan and roll over. James rubs my back. “Come on, I have to get up. Super early flight and all.”

“Can I just skip work and stay here and sleep in?”

James chuckles. “Sorry Brad, I’ve got to go. But we can take a shower together.”

“Ooh, I’m getting up, I’m getting up!”

I suddenly get a burst of energy, sit up, and let out one last yawn and give my arms a stretch.

James flips the covers onto the bed, exposing his body. God, he looks great. He stands up and walks to my side of the bed, his cock practically staring me in the face. I look down at myself. I’m rock hard.

I look up at James. “How do you do it?”

“Do what?”

“Stay soft.”

“I don’t know. I guess I’m just used to being naked a lot. I hardly wear any clothes when I’m home, and at night I usually go naked.”

“And no one’s looked inside, seen you, and complained?”

“Not yet. My thing is, if they do complain, they probably shouldn’t have been looking through the window in the first place.”

“Fair enough.”

“Come on; let’s go shower.”

He reaches his hands out and I take them. I get out of bed, erection exposed, and follow him to the bathroom. He grabs two towels and sets them near the shower. He reaches in and turns on the water.

“It takes a few seconds to get good and hot.”

I look down at myself again. “Apparently I’m already good, hot, and ready to go.”

James reaches down to my cock and grips it firmly. “Damn, this thing is so hot, it could heat my whole place!” He reaches his other hand and tugs my balls while he gives my cock a few strokes. “Impressive.” I almost melt from the glorious sensation.

He reaches his hand under the stream of water. “OK, water’s all ready.” He steps in, and I step in behind him. He runs his hair under the water to get it good and wet, and then grabs the shampoo. I quickly take the shampoo from him, squirt some in my hands, then lather it up and start massaging his scalp. He closes his eyes, obviously enjoying the feeling of ecstasy my hands are providing. When I finish lathering his scalp, I move my soapy hands down to his cock and balls. I wrap one hand around his cock and the other under his balls. I start lathering him up and give his cock a few strokes. He starts growing, and he breathes heavier and heavier. “Oh, Brad, that feels so good.”

While I keep rubbing James, he takes the shampoo and begins lathering up my scalp. When he’s done, he takes my cock in his hands and begins stroking. I lean my head back and let out a loud moan. It had been a long while since someone else had my cock in their hands. I look at James. “Do we have enough time?”

He tilts his head to the side. “I don’t want to rush, but if we do it quickly, then yes.”

“Got any conditioner?”

James grabs a bottle of conditioner, squirts some in his hands, and hands the bottle to me. I squirt some in my hands, and then we rub it furiously in our hair. Then we return our hands to each other’s cock and balls. The conditioner works much better as a lubricant, and James and I start pumping away at the other’s shafts faster and faster.

I lean into James and kiss him as we stroke. I tilt my head down to his chest, take his nipple into my mouth, and flick it a few times with my tongue. His moans of pleasure tell me I’m doing a good job. He grabs the back of my head with his hand, brings my face up to meet his, and gives me a big, open-mouthed kiss.

He then drops to his knees. He gives the area between my balls and my inner thigh a few licks while he plays with my balls. He slides his tongue up and down my shaft, then parts his lips and takes all of me inside his mouth. He wraps one hand around my shaft and strokes in rhythm with his mouth as his other hand cups my balls and gives them a few tugs. He sucks me for about a minute or two, then pulls his mouth off and beings stroking me furiously with his hand.

“Oh, God, James, I’m getting close!”

He keeps pumping away, faster and faster, while he squeezes my balls and runs his tongue all around them.

“I’m getting closer! Augh. I think I’m gonna... I’m gonna...”

He pumps, faster than ever, and I reach climax. Ropes of cum fly out of the end of my hard cock and land on his face. He keeps his hand moving along my shaft until the ropes of cum stop, which seems to take forever. I reach my hands under his arms and hoist him up to his feet. He grabs himself with his hand and begins pumping away at his own shaft. I part my lips wide and give him an open-mouthed kiss while I reach one hand under his balls and the other hand around him and lightly finger his asshole. I lick some of my own cum off of his mouth and kiss him again so we can taste my spunk together.

His breathing and stroking accelerate, and his knees almost buckle as his own orgasm begins. He lets out a very loud moan as strings of semen shoot out of his shaft, all landing on my torso. He mashes his face against mine as we kiss. He strokes and strokes until his orgasm subsides. He takes a deep breath, wraps his arms around me, and we kiss again.

We stay in each other’s arms until our breathing returns to normal. I break the silence. “That was fucking amazing.”

James smiles and laughs. “Yes, it was. I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself until I get back in town.”

“Well, we better get a move on. Don’t want to be late for your flight.”

James gives me one more peck, then grabs the soap and lathers it up in his hands underneath the jets of water. “Turn around.”

I do as instructed, and he proceeds to rub the soap all over my arms and back. He then steps forward so there is no space between us, and lathers up my chest, torso, and cock and balls. He pulls away and lathers and massages my ass and in-between my ass crack. It feels absolutely fucking wondrous.

He bends down and lathers up each leg, making sure to get me extra squeaky clean. He finishes and stands up. I take the soap from him and do the same. I start by lathering up his chest, paying special attention to his nipples. I work my way down and lather up his cock and balls, still hard, and reach underneath to soap up his ass crack. I kneel and lather up his legs. He turns around, and I lather up his ass and back. He moves underneath the jets of water to rinse off, and then we trade places. As I rinse off the last of the soap, shampoo, and conditioner off of my head and body, he leans in and we kiss each other.

He shuts off the water and we step outside the shower and dry off. We toss our towels in the hamper, then walk back outside to the bedroom. He walks to the closet and grabs the outfit he will wear to the airport and on his plane. I take the clothes from my overnight bag.

He glances at my outfit. “I see you’re a briefs guy, too.”

“Yeah; I’ve tried all kinds of underwear, but I like briefs the best. They just do a great job of lifting the boys up and keeping them out of the way of things.”

“Well, before you put them on, let me get one last real good look at you.” He eyes me up and down and says, “You’re one mighty fine man, Mr Palovich.”

I walk up to him and reach my arm around to his back. I lean forward so our cocks make contact. “Likewise, Mr Briscoe.” I give him a quick peck, then reach for my clothes.

We get dressed and put on shoes. “Do you want me to whip up something real quick before we head out? Waffles maybe?”

“Waffles sound awesome. That won’t take long, will it?”

“Nah. I need to wash the dishes from last night, anyway.”

We run downstairs and James goes right to work doing the waffles. I check my email on my phone to see if Eric has sent anything for me to look at before I head in for work - nothing. Awesome. Just wait ‘til he hears about how my night went.

The waffles are ready to go in no time, and we munch them down pretty quickly. “How about you make sure your bags are all in order; I’ll wash up.”

“You sure?”


I take his plate and wash it in the sink. James goes over to check his bags. “Everything’s all ready.”

I walk over to him, and we each grab a bag and walk outside. He locks his door, and we head to his car and load the bags into his trunk.

“My dad is on the way to the airport after I drop you off. Hopefully when I get back you can meet him.”

“I’d love that.”

He leans in and gives me a kiss. “All right, hop in. Let’s get a move on.”

We get in his car and he peels onto the street, flying toward Aurora Ave. That kind of thing is easy to do before rush hour.