Brad’s Search : Part 23

When Eric and I get back to the office, I text James to tell him I’ll be off an hour early. He texts back: Awesome! More Brad for me tonight!

Time rolls by, ever so slowly, and eventually it’s my time to go. We have the different teams working on their own now, so Eric and I step away for a bit.

“Thanks again, Eric, for letting me have this extra time.”

“Don’t mention it. You and James have a great night tonight. Tell me how it goes tomorrow.”

“I will. Bye.”

Eric and I hug quickly, and then I head to the elevators and begin heading home.

I text James to tell him I’m all done with work. He calls me.

“Hey James.”

“Brad! You’re all done for the day!”


“Good. Can I drop by your place in about 15 minutes?”

“Yeah, I should be home by then.”

“OK. I’ll see you there.”

“Wait, what do you have planned?”

There is silence on the line for a few seconds. James then says, “It’s a secret.”

“Oh boy.”

“Don’t worry; I’m not going to kidnap you and take you to an S&M convention.”

“Damn. That sounds like more fun than my weekend trip to the mountain was.”

James guffaws. “Don’t worry, cutie. You’ll have a great time tonight, I promise.”

“I’ll see you when you get here.”

I get home several minutes later. I walk to the mailbox and check it, even though almost nothing desirable ever arrives. I hear a car pull up behind me and look to see James parking on the street. He steps out and walks up to me.

He wraps his arms around me. “Hey cutie.” He then plants a kiss on my lips. “How was work?”

“All right. Just a regular first day back, and with a new team.”

“Nothing too hard?”

“Nope. But, by the time you get back, you may see a different picture. I’ll probably be bald from ripping all my hair out.”

He tousles my hair. “I hope not. I don’t want to see you lose this hair until you’re way past your elder years.”

I take his hand and give it a squeeze as I fix my hair with my other hand. “So, where are we going?”

“Still a secret.”

“Well, I want to go in and change real quick, and then we can get going.”


I unlock the door and we head inside. I go to the bedroom while he sits on the couch in the living room. I pull off my khakis and reach for some blue jeans. I glance down and notice I’m semi-hard. Comes with the territory, I guess. I pull on my jeans, do some adjusting so that my half-erection isn’t too noticeable, put on a more casual shirt, and head into the living room.

James looks up at me. “You may want to bring a change of clothes?”

“For what? We going hiking or something?”

“No, but just in case we decide to stay overnight somewhere.”

“Umm, OK. I’ll just grab my work clothes for tomorrow.”

I walk to the bedroom and grab a pair of khakis, shirt, socks, and underwear, and throw them into an overnight bag. I go back to the living room. “OK, all ready.”

“All right; let’s go.”

We step outside and I lock up. We walk to the car, get in, and drive off. We make a few turns, and then head north on Aurora Ave, going toward Fremont.

“I think I know where we’re going.”

“You do?”

We cross the bridge, take the first exit, and make a few more turns. We then pull up alongside a set of condos, almost a stone’s throw away from the lake.

“Oh. That’s why you wanted me to pack a change of clothes.”

“Let’s head inside.”

We step out and head to his front door. He opens it and waves me inside first. I enter, take a few steps inside, and stop in my tracks.

“Oh. My. Fucking. God.”

His place is huge. There are stairs to the left heading up to a loft, with the kitchen below it. The rest of the area is open, with two couches, a fireplace, and large bookshelves filled to the top with books. The wall opposite the front door has floor-to-ceiling windows with an absolutely fabulous view of Gas Works Park, Lake Union, and the Seattle skyline.

James puts his hand on my left shoulder. “So, what do you think?”

“You can afford a place like this working at a law firm?”

“You can, when your father owns the firm.”

“It’s gorgeous.”

“Thank you.”

I’m speechless for a few seconds, and then James breaks the silence. “You hungry?”

I snap back from my stupor. “Um, yes, I am kind of hungry. Lunch was a while ago. Where do you want to go?”

“I thought I’d make something here.”

I stare at him. “You cook, too?”

“Well, I’m no five-star chef, but I can whip up a few mean dishes.”

“A high-paying job, this place, and you can cook? Jesus, you are perfect.”

“So I was thinking, teriyaki-marinated salmon, grilled veggies, and yellow rice?”

“That sounds amazing.”

“Awesome. Let me grab a little appetizer first.”

He walks to the fridge, pulls out a tray of cheese, and sets it on the counter.

“Can I get you a glass of wine?”

“Yes, please. Do you have any Moscato?”

“Sure do.” He grabs two very large wine glasses, pops open a bottle of Moscato, and pours a large helping of wine in each glass. We raise our glasses.

“To your trip.”

“And to a safe return.”

We toast.

I take a piece of cheese and taste it.

“So, I have a bone to pick with you, mister.”

“Uh oh. What?”

“I think you have a confession to make.”

“I do? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“A little birdie told me you supposedly met someone new...”

I look at him, a bit dumbfounded.

“...And took him to my favorite deli.”

“Oh, him. No. That was Eric, my coworker. Wait, did Derek talk to you earlier today?”

James chuckles. “Yep.”

“And you believed him?”

“Hell no. He lost all his credibility when he used me to cheat on his girlfriend. But he did call me and tried really hard to convince me that you were somehow cheating on me, so I wanted to give you a little bit of a hard time for it.”

I take a sip of my wine.

“Plus, it’s only cheating if you and I are actually boyfriends.”

And if he was more than just a coworker.”

“Yes, that too.”

James spins around and begins taking things out of the fridge: salmon, vegetables, and things for the rice. “Guess I should get dinner going.”

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Do you have any romantic music on you?”

“Please. You’re talking to the king of romantic comedies. I have every soundtrack.”

“Awesome. I have a sound system near the fireplace. Go ahead and plug something in to play.”

I do as instructed. I select an album from my phone, plug it in to the sound system, and turn it on. The first few bars play, and then the rhythm starts. James shouts, “Great song!”

I return to the kitchen and grab another piece of cheese. “You know this song?”

James oils the cast iron pan for the salmon and gets the pot ready for the rice. “Absolutely! This is one of my favorites. And I think it sounds best after a few glasses of wine, when you’re in that kind of a blissful state and you get lost in the music.”

I raise my glass. “I’ll drink to that.” And I take a sip. James does the same.

The songs of the album progress from one to the next as James works his magic on the salmon and fills the air with a sweet and salty aroma. The smell of the food along with the wine and the music make me feel like I’m in heaven. James glances at me as he cooks, we make eye contact, and smile at each other.

“Bon Appétit!”

I set the table while James serves the salmon, veggies, and rice on plates. I light the two candles atop the table. We sit down, and I skewer a sliver of salmon and taste its savory goodness.

“Oh, God, James - this is magnificent!”

James tilts his head to the side and smiles. “Thank you.”

“I mean it, this is amazing.”

“Don’t overdo it, now.”

“I’m not. I’m dishing out just the right amount of compliments.”

James smiles again. We continue eating as another romantic album starts playing.

I break the silence. “James, I really wish I could go with you tomorrow to New York.”

James raises his hand. “Shh, don’t mention it. You’ve got other commitments. It’s completely fine. Your being able to come here tonight and enjoy dinner with me more than makes up for it.”

“Good.” I finish off the rest of my wine.

“Can I get you more?”

“Yeah. Thanks.”

James gets up and refills my glass. “Don’t worry - we still have half the bottle left.”

“Not after tonight, we won’t,” I say with a smirk.

We finish the last few pieces of the meal. “How was it?”

“I think I can die happy now.”

“Um, don’t right now if you can help it. I’m not into necrophilia, you know.”

“I’ll try to stay alive.”

James chuckles, then gets up and goes to the fireplace. Just like the stove, the fireplace runs off of gas. I guess that’s fitting, being near Gas Works Park. He starts it up and it begins warming up the immediate area - but with how big the place is, it would probably take ages to warm the entire place up.

James returns to the table, takes the plates, and gives them a quick rinse at the sink. I take the wine glasses and move to the fireplace. James joins me a few seconds later. He wraps his arm around me, and we sit and sip the rest of our wine. I lean my head against his shoulder, and close my eyes...

* * * * *

James gently shakes me awake. “Come on, let’s head up to bed.”

“Doesn’t that involve stairs?”

“Yes... You can do it.”

I try to protest. “But I’m comfortable right where I am.”

“Trust me; the bed’s much more comfortable.”

I reluctantly give in. “Oh, all right.”

I rouse myself enough to stand up and walk to the stairs. We climb up to the loft and walk to his bed.

James takes off his shirt and begins taking off his pants. “Brad, I sleep in the nude. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Nope, as long as you don’t mind me sleeping nude with you.”

“Good.” James removes his underwear. Even though his penis is flaccid, it’s still a pretty good size. He has a nice tuft of pubic hair, neatly trimmed. The moon shines through the window and right on his body, making him look quite exceptional.

“So, Brad, you getting ready for bed, or what?”

I shake my head back into consciousness. “Oh, yeah, right.” I take off my shirt, pants, and underwear.

We both crawl under the sheets and lie flat. I rest my head on his chest, and he rubs his hand on my chest and arms. He rests his right hand on my chest and tousles my hair with his left hand. I hoist myself up on my elbow and lean in close to his face - so close I can smell hints of the heavenly salmon he made. I caress his face with my hand, part my lips, and we kiss open-mouthed for what seems like an eternity. I run my right hand from his chest, down to his torso, until I reach right above his pubic hair. He reaches down and stops my hand from going any further.

“Hang on.”

“What’s wrong, James?”

“Nothing. You have no idea how much I’m enjoying this moment - how much I want to go further. I just have a really, really early morning tomorrow, and you’ve got to get up, too. I don’t want to be all out of energy tomorrow.”

I can’t lie - I’m a bit disappointed. OK, a lot disappointed. But he’s right. We must have fallen asleep for a couple hours in front of the fireplace, and it was now the middle of the night. We wouldn’t get much rest if we fooled around.

I lean in and kiss him again. “Are you sure you can cope until you get back in town?”

He smiles. “I’ll have to find some way to manage.”

I give him one more kiss, then hoist my body up and lie directly on top of him. I wrap my arms around and under him, and we hug tightly for a few seconds, skin against skin, using each other’s body to keep the heat from the fireplace between us. I can feel his penis growing erect, as I’m sure he can feel mine doing the same. I raise my head up, open-mouth kiss him again a few times, and then slide off of his body and lie beside him.

I turn around to face away from him, and he curls his body against mine, leaving no space between us. He wraps his arms around me. I fall asleep to the sound of his breathing and the sensation of the air from his nose blowing like a gentle breeze rhythmically against my neck.