Brad’s Search : Part 21


I wake up and glance over at my phone. It’s Mom. I pick it up and answer.

“Hey Mom.”

“Happy New Year, baby boy!”

“Happy New Year, Mom.”

“Sleeping in, are we? You must have had a pretty good time last night.”

“It wasn’t too crazy. Just watched the fireworks with Harry, Gary, Gary’s girlfriend, and a new guy.”

“A new guy?”

“Yeah, his name is James.”

“James? Ooh, sounds enticing! What’s his story?”

“He lives here, and works in his father’s law firm.”

“Any chance that he and you will make me some grandbabies?”

“Well, he is gay, Mom, so there is a slight chance. In fact, he’s taken a liking to me. We’re supposed to have lunch later today, so maybe I can seduce him and have him impregnate me.”

“Oh, Brad, hush! You’re awful!”

“You asked the question, Mother.”

“But I didn’t need all that detail! A simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ would have sufficed.”

I chuckle. “You know it’s never just ‘yes’ or ‘no’ with me.”

I hear a sigh on the other end. “Yes, I know. Anyway, I’ll let you go. You have to get ready for your date!”

“Thanks, Mom. Really quick, how’s Denver?”

“Oh, cold as all get out, but that’s Denver for you. How about you come visit with that warm heart of yours and heat things up?”

“That sounds fun. I’ll see if I can swing a trip sometime in the next few months.”

“It would be so good to have you visit again, Brad. OK, go and get ready.”

“OK, OK. Talk to you later.”

“Love you, baby boy.”

“I love you, too, Mom.”

I hang up and stretch my arms. Time to get out of bed.

I take a quick shower and throw on a t-shirt and jeans. It’s a little after noon. I decide to give James a call.

“Hey Brad. How’s it going?”

“Pretty good, pretty good.”

“I hope you’re not calling to cancel.”

“Of course not. I was just wondering when you were thinking of picking me up.”

“I’m ready to go now, so any time that’s convenient for you.”

“Can you be here in 15?”

“Sure thing! I’ll head out right now. See you in a bit.”

* * * * *

Right on cue, James pulls up outside. I step out, lock up, and head to his car. James gets out, goes to the passenger side, and opens the door for me.

I sit down. “You know, you don’t have to do that.”

“I know I don’t have to, but I like to. It’s a nice gesture.”

James gets back in. “Did you have any place in mind?”

“Not really. Do you?”

“There’s this fantastic deli I go to occasionally when I’m on my lunch break at the office. It’s downtown.”

“That sounds fine.”

“All right; let’s go.”

We pull off.

James rests his hand on my knee, and I can feel myself starting to get an erection. I look out the window to try to distract myself.

“So, Brad, how did you sleep last night?”

“Oh, uh, just fine, just fine. How about yourself?”

“Not very well. I had some trouble getting to sleep.”

I look at him. “I’m sorry.”

“I blame it on you. I couldn’t stop thinking about that midnight kiss.”

I feel my cock twitch. I look out the window again. “Well, I’m sorry that I indirectly kept you up.”

“It wasn’t so bad. I’d rather be kept awake because of that rather than anything else.”

We drive in silence for a few blocks. James continues, “You’re being awfully quiet. Anything wrong?”

“Oh, me? No, I’m fine.”

James rubs and pats my knee, then returns his hand to the steering wheel.

We make a turn and park along the curb. “Here we are.”

I look down and take a sigh of relief. I’m only semi-hard, and not that noticeable.

We step out and head into the deli. An employee behind the counter waves at us. “Hey James, getting the usual today?”

“Yep. Thanks, Derek.”

“No problem. Anything for you?”

I take a quick glance at the menu. “That ham & Swiss panini looks delicious. I’ll take one of those.”

We pay for our sandwiches and drinks, take a number, and sit at a table.

“I can tell you come here a lot.”

“It’s one of the best places I’ve found. You’ll see once the food gets here.”

I take a sip of my drink.

James places his hand on mine. “Brad, I have a question for you.”

“Um, sure, what is it?” I ask nervously.

“I have a trip to New York coming up. One of my father’s past clients won a huge settlement a few years ago. He throws a party every January and invites the firm out for the gathering. Well, I’ve never had anyone to go with, until now, and I would love it if you could join me.”

“How long would it be for?”

“About a week.”

I take a deep breath. “James, I so wish I could, but with my job, I don’t think I can swing a week away from work.”

“Oh that’s right, with your project. Are you sure you can’t take the time off?”

“I can’t, I’m sorry. Not right at the beginning of this big project. I’d kill to be able to.”

“That’s all right. Don’t worry about it. I’m going to miss you, though.”

I look down. There goes that twitching again.

“Something wrong?”

I look up at him. “Nope. All good.”

“Good, because the sandwiches are here.”

James looks up at Derek as he places the sandwiches down on our table. “Thanks, Derek.”

“No problem, cutie.”

Derek gives James a wink, gently pinches him on the shoulder, then walks away.

I look at James. “What was that all about?”

James chuckles. “Oh, Derek is just a tease. I asked him out once because he looked so cute.”

“What’d he say?” I take a bite of my sandwich.

“He turned me down and said he was straight.”

I almost spit out my drink. “What? Are you joking?”

“No, totally serious. Then he started working here at the deli, and we got to know each other a bit better. Eventually he took me up on my offer.”

“And what happened?”

“Well, he had a girlfriend at the time, but was kind of curious about what sex with a guy would be like. So I-”

“-You didn’t!”

“Oh, I did, all right.”

I have to cover my mouth to keep from laughing.

James continues, “Don’t get me wrong; before anything happened, I told him I didn’t feel totally comfortable with doing that while he was with his girlfriend. But he insisted. He liked it so much, he calls himself bisexual now.”

I can feel the blood start flowing faster to my cock.

“What did you guys do?”

James gives me an evil expression. “Keep getting to know me and perhaps you’ll find out.”

I glance down. My cock is now straining to get out of my pants.

“Why do you keep looking down?”

I sigh. “I have to admit I’m a little excited down there.”

James chuckles. “No need to be embarrassed.”

“Sorry, I can’t help it.”

James just smiles. “Just keep it hidden. You don’t want one of the workers here mistaking it for sausage and trying to put it in a bun and sell it.” I snort. James continues, “By the way, how’s that panini?”

“It’s actually really, really good. I can see why you come here a lot. But I still wanted to talk about Derek.”

“Sure. What would you like to know?”

“Well, I know you said when we saw each other back at the bar that you take the time to get to know someone, but you seemed to jump into bed with Derek pretty quickly.”

“Oh, that. I never really saw Derek as boyfriend material. And I’m not saying that because he would be a bad boyfriend - quite the contrary. He seems like a really nice guy and very down-to-earth. But, I was just there to help him figure himself out. I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend in him.”

“So what about me?”

“You? Absolutely.”

“Come on. You’re just saying that.”

“No, Brad, I’m serious. I’m being honest when I say this: I’ve never met someone like you before. You’re cute, funny, open, and honest. You work hard. You’re dedicated. Hell, turning me down over work! You have your priorities straight and you stick with your commitments. I haven’t come across many guys like that.”

“So you’re entertaining the possibility of a relationship with me?”

“You haven’t given me a reason so far not to.”

I nod. James continues, “Plus, your dick gets hard around me. That’s kind of important, too.”

“Don’t remind me.”

James laughs.

* * * * *

We finish our sandwiches and leave. We get into the car, and James starts it up and drives off.

“When do you leave for New York?”

“Early Friday morning. And I was serious when I said I would miss you.”

“I’m going to miss you, too. I’ve had such a wonderful time spending time with you. I really wish I could go with you on your trip.”

“I know you do. We’ll do something soon. Maybe visit your mom in Denver.”

“You know, I was just talking with her this morning about going to see her. She would love to meet you.”

“Great! Well we will have to figure out when a good time would be. From what you’ve said, she sounds like a very interesting woman. I can’t wait to meet her.”

We pull up in front of my apartment.

“Brad, before you go, is there a chance I can see you one more time before I head out of town?”

“Umm, I can probably do Thursday night. Work starts again for us on Thursday but I don’t think I’ll be that overwhelmed after just the first day back.”

“Great. If you and I are going to be apart for a week, I want to fit in as much Brad as I can before I leave.”

Both James and I look down at my crotch as my cock twitches one more time.

“OK, get out of here before you rip a hole in your pants.”

“Yes, Mr Briscoe.”

I lean into him and we kiss. I step out and head into my apartment as he drives away.